Types of Commissions

Commissions can vary in size and complexity from an individual panel to a more elaborate glazing scheme. A design is created that is developed in dialogue with you. It can sometimes be a simple idea or sometimes require further design research, visual studies, site visits and use of multiple techniques to realise a design. 


To find out more about commissioning work you can arrange to meet in the workshop or get in touch by email or phone. The starting point is an initial discussion or meeting about the requirements of a project from which a quotation can be prepared. The cost of commissioning work varies according to size and type of work that is required. Get in touch to find out more.


The techniques used in Christian's work have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. A scale design is drawn and then a full-size drawing is made, called the cartoon. A tracing is taken from the cartoon with lines indicating where the glass should be cut. This is called the cutline drawing.

Mouth blown and rolled glass is selected, cut, painted and fired to create detail, texture and shading to control the light. Sometimes the addition of silver stain is added to create yellow to amber colour accents and highlights. The glass is then leaded together, soldered, cemented and cleaned resulting in the finished panels.

The process is very labour intensive and requires a number of different skills at each stage, from creation of the design to painting and leading the panels.